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Russian face: behind the backstage

Interesting to know, what people feel and think when they get to know Russia, which stereotypes are coming true and which are not. This is kind of another perspective to see usual things from totally different side. Those sharing are always very valuable, and one of them I am honored to present here. It’s an […]

Russian women: 6 strong individuals who impressed the history

Russians are very proud of gender equality that we have in our country, and especially that legally USSR recognized women equal earlier than US (in 1918 – the equality of labour rights). But this tendency has roots which go deep in the history of Russia. Women that empowered: read about the strongest individuals who shaped […]

The Russian soul: myth or reality?

Do you believe that Russians posses some special mind that the world calls «Russian soul»? At least once in your life you’ve heard the phrase «Russian soul». And by that it I mean some set of features or behaviors which are not that understandable, that we can even called them «miracle» or «mysterious». However some people have heard […]

Improving yourself while improving the education in Russia

But firstly, how is the current state of the Education system?   Russia has one of the best mass-education systems in the world, producing one of the highest literacy rates in Europe. The current rate of literacy is 98% across Russia but there are ways of improving it. Usually, in Russia education is split into a […]

We are humans

How many times in your life have you heard about Russia as a country of cold and unfriendly people who drink vodka all day long? I think a lot of times. My name is Polina, and I’m Russian. And when I was a small girl no one ever told me that Russia was perceived like […]

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