Russian face: behind the backstage

Interesting to know, what people feel and think when they get to know Russia, which stereotypes are coming true and which are not. This is kind of another perspective to see usual things from totally different side. Those sharing are always very valuable, and one of them I am honored to present here.

It’s an story of Paul Chownyk,  a person who left Canada almost 8 years ago to live in Russia and teach English.

First time I visited Russia on vacations to meet my friends. It was just a crazy story. And then after this trip thoughts about Russia didn’t leave my head, and I moved to Saint Petersburg to teach English. Some months later I got a proposal from my boss to move to Samara, a city located 1000 km from Moscow. And I thought: «Why not?»

In general, the majority of Russians are morose and glum. I started noticing that unconsciously I am trying to seem severer than I am. It’s like a «Russian imagine» and stereotype that everyone adopt here. When I catch myself on this I try to smile and be more friendly – to not to fall for this mood,

One of the most wonderful things that I found here – it’s The Russian Soul. Seems like you guys build a wall where you can hide all your emotions and feelings. It takes time to reach out these feelings, let’s say. Americans – they are totally different in this sense. They are too friendly on the surface, and you cannot really know what they think of you in fact. They can be very false sometimes. 

Russians sometimes can look like they are absolutely indifferent and even emotionally disabled. But inside.. rich world of emotions and feelings. That really can astonish. I was dumbfounded. 

I would say this Russian soul and its constitution are the reasons why I stay in Russia. It makes me digging into them, exploring this mystery world. I am very curious actually.

Very beautiful perspective 🙂 It makes me be glad that people can see something behind our serious faces. 

If you’ve ever been to Russia or you know personally Russians, share in comments what do you think about the topic? 🙂

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Author: Ksenia Lampova

Russian with Ukrainian roots. Lived in 4 cities of Russia – Khabarovsk, Nizhiniy Novgorod, Samara and Moscow. Part of an international youth organization for 4 years so far. Crazy about MBTI. Interested in esoterics, psychology and handmade. Too romantic.

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