Improving yourself while improving the education in Russia

But firstly, how is the current state of the Education system?


Russia has one of the best mass-education systems in the world, producing one of the highest literacy rates in Europe. The current rate of literacy is 98% across Russia but there are ways of improving it.

Usually, in Russia education is split into a compulsory Basic Education, and ongoing Higher Education. Although they pay a lot of attention in the way they educate the future generations, there is something missing.

According EF EPI people in Russia have relatively low knowledge of foreign languages. That is why in Russia nowadays you can find a lot of private schools, who help students to accelerate their learning and have a new ways and methods of education

In such schools you can find a lot of students from all ranges of ages. They usually run short-term and long-term classes of foreign languages with the most popular languages being: English, Spanish, German, French and for a couple of last years, Chinese.

As AIESEC in Russia, we took the commitment to bring a positive impact to this sphere. For some years already, we are improving the sector of the foreign languages knowledge through many of our projects.

Every year 50+ young international teachers come to Russia to get practical experience and develop in the language teaching sphere. They help over 5000 students to open the World by learning new languages more effectively.

Young talents from around the world, improving the Russian Education System with AIESEC in Russia

Imperia Natalia Moramarco,

made an internship with AIESEC from February to May 2017 as part of the Teach for Change project. During 3 months she was teaching students languages and got a lot of insights about education in Russia:

I’ve worked in a private English school and they have an amazing way of teaching, because they teach children from one year and a half to grown up.
The way of teaching in that school was very different from the one in public schools, because they try to teach English using games and a lot of activities.
Every day was different and amazing, because we were very motivated to try this new approach.
I haven’t ever seen something like that in Italy, and I’ve noticed that a more uncommon approach to English produces the desired results.
I developed myself as a teacher because the school where I worked gave me a training every week, and they tried to explain me how much is important to understand the differences between ages, and how to approach to different ages. As a matter of fact every age is different and children have different behavior and necessities.
I’m very glad that I had that training because now I can understand easily a lots of things, and I know how to manage a class alone, without any help.”


Chien-An Wang from Taiwan,

another participants of the Teach for Change project described his experience very bright:

The experiences in Russia was a fabulous enlightenment for me. Not only has my Russian improved a lot, but my professional skills came in handy. Last but not the least – my Weltanschaung (world view) has been re-sharpened. It’s really pleasant to live in another country, not just for travel , but for life, through some cultural shocks – either positive or negative.
If I can still have a overseas career chance in the nearest future, I will definitely fly back to Russia, to Rybinsk, to Moscow and St. Petersburg(it ‘s a pity that I couldn’t be there during my internship…)”



Elvira Vigliano

was also inspired by her leadership development experience in Russia. The Teach for Change project helped her to develop herself:

It has been a very harsh but amazing experience. I’ve learned how to go beyond my limits, to be aware of my professional skills and improve them. Thanks to the help of Irina and Ruslan, I managed my time amazingly and experienced something that I will never find in books. I lived deeply the Russian tradition, I met new people who became my family and supported me from the beginning until the end.
Thank you for giving me this chance. I’ve changed a lot, I feel more self-confident, happy and wise”


If you are really good in languages, love to try new things and want to accelerate yourself as a professional teacher – Unbelievable Russia is a very right place to do that.

Become a Teacher in Russia



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