Russian face: behind the backstage

Interesting to know, what people feel and think when they get to know Russia, which stereotypes are coming true and which are not. This is kind of another perspective to see usual things from totally different side. Those sharing are always very valuable, and one of them I am honored to present here. It’s an […]

Do you believe that young people can inluence the world?

 Everyone in this world wants to protect what he/she loves. And sometimes it comes to aggression. Some days ago I was checking Facebook news feed and stumbled upon a post named «typical pictures of Russians in social media». The post consisted of the most disgusting pictures that I’ve ever seen: people drinking from their shoes […]

The Russian soul: myth or reality?

Do you believe that Russians posses some special mind that the world calls «Russian soul»? At least once in your life you’ve heard the phrase «Russian soul». And by that it I mean some set of features or behaviors which are not that understandable, that we can even called them «miracle» or «mysterious». However some people have heard […]

We love Europe and the World

Russians have well-established opinion that everything brought from Europe is better than anything domestic. But in the same moment Russians don’t really trust foreigners. In the Middle Ages, Russia was one of the richest counties in the word – it had the strongest army and was developed the most in terms of education, culture, manufacture, […]

We are humans

How many times in your life have you heard about Russia as a country of cold and unfriendly people who drink vodka all day long? I think a lot of times. My name is Polina, and I’m Russian. And when I was a small girl no one ever told me that Russia was perceived like […]