Do you believe that young people can inluence the world?

 Everyone in this world wants to protect what he/she loves. And sometimes it comes to aggression.

Some days ago I was checking Facebook news feed and stumbled upon a post named «typical pictures of Russians in social media». The post consisted of the most disgusting pictures that I’ve ever seen: people drinking from their shoes or lady laying in a puddle and something like this. Most pissing off part was comments of people which I even don’t want to repeat.

To say that my reaction was overemotional is to say nothing. I felt very unfair because the things which were shown as typical are not actually. Right awayI sent the post to some my friends, wrote something angry in Facebook and even tried to write a feedback on the website where I found the post. Some my friends even told me then that they didn’t recognize me at this moment – I was haywire too much, and those actions I saw as the most logical then.

Some days later when I «cooled down», as we say in Russia, I asked myself – what was the thing that touched me the most in this accident? That people willthink of Russia as a country of drinking pigs? Or that someone will never visit the country after those words?

The answer was pretty simple: the thing which hurts me the most here – such a big and influential social media doesn’t understand how much it can affect the world just with one post. They can create so much anger and hate inside of people (I am not talking about angry me here – I am talking about the associations about Russia and its citizens that were created there), which can be a reason of a war or genocide some day. Sounds stupid maybe, but can be compared with «the butterfly effect»: today it’s  just a post with «funny pictures», tomorrow it’s a war. Or maybe those guys understand possible consequences, but they don’r really care. And this is even worse.

Then I asked myself – how can I influence these things? And are the angry messages and posts in Facebook  the best solution? 

The answer was even more simple.

 I joined AIESEC 4.5 years ago – the organization which strives to peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential developing value based leadership in young people.

Every year thousands of young people go abroad to discover another cultures, their hidden potential and deep values. They face challenges, learn absolutely new sides of the world becoming more patient to it and more conscious about the world. 

That’s how we develop leadership in AIESEС. We make people self-aware, solution-oriented, responsible for the world and being able to empower others with their beliefs.

And this is how I can influence the world and protect what I love. Maybe I cannot reach them out writing angry messages. But I can develop a generation of conscious leaders that understand how they can impress the world and who feels personal responsibility about the things around – which is more massive and long-term solution. 

I’ve learnt something very great out of the accident that happened to me. I understood that the main thing that drives me being part of the organization is making people more peaceful and responsible because my main core values are love and responsibility. It is just a good example how we discover ourselves in AIESEC due to challenging environment.

These stupid things and obstacles are not something that has to stop me making me frustrated.

The vision of AIESEC was always driving me because I need to do something meaningful and belong to a bigger purpose. And now I feel more conscious about myself being a part of «Unbelievable Russia», inspiring another people and spreading peace in the world.

Do you believe that developing a generation of conscious leaders is how we can change the world? Share with us in the comments 😉

Russian with Ukrainian roots. Lived in 4 cities of Russia – Khabarovsk, Nizhiniy Novgorod, Samara and Moscow. Part of an international youth organization for 4 years so far. Crazy about MBTI. Interested in esoterics, psychology and handmade. Too romantic.

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